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I believe that every small business should have a website. I give you the tools to quit making excuses and finally get a website for your business. Build a website, it’s easy! I’ll show you how.

What I do

I started building websites for small businesses 10 years ago. I have built over 100 sites. My specialty is local services providers like attorneys, plumbers, electricians, lawn care, etc.

I was tired of hearing excuses like “we just don’t have it in the budget right now”. I wasn’t tired of it because it hurt my feelings, but because if you have a business and you don’t have a website, you’re business is dead already.

I decided to give away my secrets and show you how to do it yourself. Stop putting it off and get started today!


UX Research

Tools today, make creating a quality user experience easy to do. I’ll give you the tips that have helped with my clients.

Brand Identity

There are so many places to get your brand identity under control. Have you looked at 99designs? Professional logos for under $300.

Web Development

The web world runs on WordPress. So does this website. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to build and maintain a site these days.

Business Strategy

There are some benefits to sitting down with a pro to hash out a business strategy, but I’m guessing you are just getting started? If so, don’t worry about this, get your website built, then worry about strategizing.

Web Design

Today’s tools are so easy to use, they take design skills out of the equation. To prove it, I built this website using a template based design. I can show you exactly how to do it for your business too.


This is important, but websites like deposit photos simplify the process of professional photography and make it affordable. I pay $.50 for photos at Deposit Photo

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Cups Of Coffee

sharing your secrets… what’s the catch?

Seriously, no catch. I’ve decided to share the the things I’ve learned over the last 10 years. That’s it. I want to help you, help yourself. The difference between success and failure is usually the result of only a few minor things, done consistently.

Let me share my web design and SEO knowledge with you.

From Our clients
“My experience with Jeremy has been tremendous. He is extremely professional. His knowledge and skill with technology is obvious. He took his time in trying to get “the feel” of our business that enhanced his final design of our site. Additionally, he has been extremely patient with those of us who are technologically challenged!”
Deborah Adams

“Jeremy is a professional experience in every way. Not only is the design truly amazing, but the commitment to the client’s complete satisfaction is unmatched. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this company to design your website.”
Gary Loar

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